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As a small breeder of French Bulldogs I am dedicated to improving and preserving the breed. I breed according to the French Bulldog Standard. My dogs are health tested to help ensure their puppies are free from congenital defects and other heath related issues.  All of my dogs, including puppies, live in the house and are family members. 

I am very passionate about the breed and have had great success with my breeding program. My second litter produced CH Fayme’s Lady Anabelle who went on to produce Orion, a Gold Grand Champion who was in the top twenty rankings for three years.  I strive to breed the best. My puppies are handled daily from birth and are well socialized. FAYME is dedicated to the French Bulldog and will continue to pursue our quest for excellence. Our goal is to produce beautiful, healthy and well-adjusted puppies. Please take the time to read my references.  My clients love their dogs and many have gotten multiple dogs from me.

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