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The Bennetts


My husband Nate and I purchased our puppy Luca in January 2018 from LuAnn, and every day since, we have not stopped smiling and our hearts multiply every day. You see, purchasing Luca from LuAnn was a true privilege, for we not only gained Luca - we gained a friend whose love and devotion to breeding French Bulldogs is unprecedented.  

We found LuAnn after seeing her name displayed on the French Bulldog Club of America’s website. After visiting numerous websites advertising countless French Bulldog puppies in what seemed like every color of the rainbow, finding LuAnn’s “Fayme French Bulldogs” website finally felt right and exactly what we were looking for in a breeder. From the moment we touched base with LuAnn, she responded timely and professionally. She gave us a brief synopsis of her breeding program, and needless to say, we were impressed by her response and ethical approach to breeding this amazing, yet also quirky breed. As we live in Cincinnati, LuAnn welcomed us into her home to meet us, and Nate and I not only loved each and every one of her dogs, but LuAnn herself as well as her transparency and honesty about what it’s like to own a French Bulldog. Sitting on the ground with LuAnn and her dogs was the best feeling ever, and Nate and I will never forget how warmly she welcomed us into her life that day. Moreover, LuAnn possesses superb proficiency and knowledge when it comes to breeding French Bulldogs, and makes the health of her dogs and future puppies her TOP priority. LuAnn conducts thorough health testing for all of her puppies and their parents, which speaks to the excellent quality of her puppies. We had complete knowledge about Luca’s health before we took him home, and on top of that, Luca was incredibly socialized and exposed to so many things while at LuAnn’s. LuAnn also answered (and still answers) never ending questions from Nate and me regarding Luca, and exuberates in his progress and growth. She truly never stops caring about these precious animals. LuAnn’s dogs are worth every ounce of the investment, for the countless hours LuAnn devotes to her dogs and puppies are revealed once LuAnn sends her puppies to their forever homes. Be patient in the process, it is worth it! Luca’s temperament is the perfect mix of goofy and loving, and we have no doubt LuAnn’s impeccable care and love for him in his early stages of life helped shape him. Lastly, it is evident LuAnn breeds not for her own profit but out of her innate love for French Bulldogs and the breed’s future. As such, it is no surprise LuAnn’s dogs represent the best in French Bulldog temperament, health, and appearance. While I could go on and on, just know you can never go wrong with Fayme French Bulldogs. We are happy to answer questions from anyone interested in purchasing a puppy from LuAnn.


Anne, Nate, and Luca Bennett

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