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It’s not every day that you find your dream dog. And it’s not every day that you meet someone like LuAnn Belock of Fayme French Bulldogs.
I’ll be honest with you: I spoke to every French bulldog breeder in the Midwest. A writer by day (and night, most nights), I can sniff out a story—and I know how to ask just the right questions. So after exhausting my research and filling up my notepad, I felt contented that my homework was complete. I also realized there was actually no big decision to make: I had found only one reputable breeder I could trust enough to help me find the perfect addition to our family …
When it came time to visit LuAnn’s home, my son Jackson and I were met with open arms and sweet Frenchie faces. We were looking for an adult French bulldog, and when we met the black-masked, red fawned Scarlett, we were absolutely smitten. It was a decade in the making, but we had found her.
I often comment to my partner, Chris, that I’ve waited my whole life for Scarlett. Maybe it sounds cliché, but it’s true—she’s uniquely suited to be my dog. Scarlett is the ultimate companion; she’s smart, funny, passionate—and even dainty when she walks in the rain. We entertain and indulge her snoring (and snorting). She falls asleep beside us in bed, and I rub her paw as I doze off to sleep. We wake every morning with her sandwiched between us … She is the absolute embodiment of love and affection. And she brings so much joy to our lives and household.
Sure, French Bulldogs are intriguing in their own right. The breed has a rich history with ties to aristocracy. It’s no mystery that they are in high demand, or that they’re valuable—which is even more reason to wait for the right fit when you can truly say you trust your source.
Finding your dream dog is a big task and investment, and I wasn’t prepared to cut any corners. FAYME’s approach and ethics of breeding is what I was looking for: attention to detail, full disclosure about the dogs and breed, above-and-beyond-the- call-of-duty help, and accessibility to field questions and concerns. It’s been a full service experience where I’ve felt empowered and supported to take on life with our furry companion.
LuAnn Belock of FAYME has a sharp, keen sense of her dogs and the homes she chooses for them. Investing in health testing and strong bloodlines, she’s both clinically sound and simultaneously heartfelt. She’s a rare human being with decades of experience raising dogs and horses, and it shows in every phone call, interaction and French bulldog that FAYME produces.

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