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As we celebrate Reine's 6 month birthday today I wanted to take a moment to express our sincere delight in owning one of LuAnn's French Bulldogs. Having been the proud owner of an English Bulldog who lived 13 years my wife and I decided it was time find another companion to share our home with but we thought a smaller breed might make a better choice so we decided on looking at French Bulldogs as they seemed to posses many of the same personality traits as the English Bulldog albeit in a smaller and dry mouthed package.  We did a lot of looking and were not happy with what we saw until we came upon Fayme's website. It was clear that LuAnn was a breeder who had done her homework and wanted to produce only the best French Bulldogs. After calling LuAnn I knew we found the right person to work with. She invited us to come see the puppies and the rest of her clan. It was immediately apparent that this was where we would purchase our new puppy from. What we found was a knowledgeable owner, adult and puppies in peak heath and dogs with fantastic manners and personalities. Six months later and we could not be happier with our choice. Reine has been a joy to own with her great health, wonderful temperament and personality. We will definitely consider Fayme should we want to find Reine a companion to play with. We'll know we are getting the best this breed has to offer from a breeder who goes above and beyond the usual when it comes to her work.
Chris & Claudia Norris

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