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It all started with my husband who was looking on the French Bulldogs
Club of America's website for a reputable breeder of French Bulldogs
when I expressed to him an interest in being involved in this breed.
He reached out to some local breeders who had no interest in talking
to us but when he contacted LuAnn with Fayme French Bulldogs she
kindly invited us to her home to meet her and her dogs. After a long
time of talking she placed an adult female, Aria, with me who has been
the greatest addition to my family, she is my heart dog and my best
friend and for that I am forever grateful for LuAnn. After a few years
and many visits with LuAnn I welcomed a puppy who I named Woodford to
my home, he has been such a great addition. He is such a beautiful dog
and with the greatest temperament, not to mention LuAnn sets up each
of her puppies for success by loving and introducing the puppies to
potty training from a very young age which makes it SO much easier for
when you take your puppy home which I am sure anyone who has purchased
one of her puppies can agree on.

LuAnn has become a friend, a mentor and family as her love and
enthusiasm for the breed is endless. LuAnn is a loving kind breeder
who has beautiful dogs with the health to match, takes the out most
care of them and they have the greatest temperaments from being
properly cared for and socialized. Her dogs being part of her home and
life is such an important attribute specially when trying to find a
great breeder. She has always gone above and beyond as well as has
always been there when I have had questions to concern. What I would
say to anyone is invest in a lifelong healthy French Bulldog and with
a Fayme puppy you will not go wrong.

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